Talking about Training

We talk to our training provider community everyday, and understanding the issues that effect the training industry is important to us.

To open up these issues for more discussion and to share ideas, we’ve compiled our hottest hot topics at the moment – taken from questions we’re frequently asked at Help HQ and knowledge that training providers have shared with us.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring the training issues that are really affecting training providers and learners alike. This week, we’re focusing on relevant support, aftercare and ROI measurement.

Supporting learning – and helping learners get the most from their training

The focus of training providers and learners alike is often how those undertaking training can get the most from their course.

Supporting learners after they have finished your training can be a challenge. Away from the training room and the group, individuals can find it difficult to implement the new skills they have learned, as they do not fit with existing processes. With studies showing that we work harder at work now than we’ve ever done before historically, just finding time to try new techniques in the workplace can be difficult. We’re seeing training providers actively taking responsibility for this with the implementation of aftercare packages. These include leaving those who have completed the training with information packs or access to online content and offering aftercare support.

What types of training support do you currently offer your learners and how has this evolved?

Helping customers measure return on training investment

Return on training investment is a really controversial topic at the moment, with many larger organisations pushing the importance of understanding just exactly how much bang they’re getting from their buck, and others dismissing the idea of such monitoring entirely.

Even for those who want to monitor ROI, assessing the success of training and measuring return on investment can be difficult when training large groups of staff in-house. When such significant time and investment is spent on the development of a workforce, it can be a high priority for organisations to measure statistics, but often any type of quantitative data can be complicated to calculate and difficult to understand.

For others oragnisations training staff the real benefit of training is the qualitative difference it makes to performance and motivation in staff on a personal level.

What are your experiences of helping organisations monitor return on investment of their training?

What other issues are affecting you as a learner or as a provider of training? Let us know in the comments below.

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